The Theft of the Sun

The sun, at sunset, hides to be born again. But one day something happened..." The sun set and was not born again. Until then, the jungle contained the most diverse animals, which coexisted in the sunlight – but, following its disappearance, they will begin to distrust each other. Who would have stolen it? In these new circumstances, the world will become hostile and the vegetation will become increasingly sparse. Differences will become oppositions. And, in the darkness, the shapes will become threatening and the animals will close themselves in on themselves and their strengths, externally showing a strength that they have long lost internally. Until little by little some of them, accepting their vulnerability and getting moving, begin to spread the seeds, making it possible for the sun to be born again and, with it, new forms of life.

The Theft of the Sun is a fable that talks about what can happen when, along with loss, fear arises, and you wonder how to live together in dark times or dire circumstances”.

Personal Project, looking for a publisher.